Best Bait For Catching Groundhogs

Best Bait For Catching Groundhogs


If you are looking for the best bait to catch a groundhog, you should keep in mind that bait is not the most important thing when it comes to catching the groundhog. Set the trap with cantaloupe in a special position indicated above.

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The joke of the trapping industry is to use apples coated with peanut butter.


Best bait for catching groundhogs. Unfortunately, that bait isn't very effective. The truth is that the food the groundhogs are stealing from your garden is usually among the most successful bait, and fruit is definitely on the list of food that can be used to catch groundhogs. The truth is that different groundhogs have different preferences, so you may need to experiment with different types of bait.

Wear gloves whenever handling the cage so your scent doesn’t get all over it. You can also create a bait trail using a cantaloupe and then rubbing some of the fruit in the trap. Therefore, the best way to bait the trap using cantaloupe is the following:

Here is a list of some of the best groundhog food baits : Use ripe fruits or nutrient rich vegetables as your bait, although groundhogs are likely to eat anything you use; Once it smells this fruit it will come and get trapped in no time.

Not too many, as you do not want to feed them up before they get there. Best overall bait for woodchucks. This is the main reason you should consider using beans as your bait for groundhogs.

Use beans and peas as bait for your groundhog trap you can also increase your chance of catching groundhog when you bait your trap with beans. Fresh fruits and vegetables are good bait options for groundhogs. In addition, sunflower seeds and broccoli are a hit among the groundhog population.

Place a trail of the fruit leading into the trap. Rub its juice and rind throughout the outside and inside of the trap. If you’re going to trap and release a groundhog, make sure to do it at least 5 miles away from where you trapped him.

What bait to use in groundhog traps. Then bait the trap, many people have had great success using sunflower seeds, peanut butter and corn, however cantaloupe is often the preferred bait. Once the trap is placed with your bait,.

Peas removed from pea pods. You could try anything from corn to cantaloupe to strawberries. You should put a trap in the normal runway of a groundhog found between the garden and burrow.

For bait, use cantaloupe, apples, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, fresh peas or lettuce. Cut the fruit up into 2″ cubes. When it comes to the best bait for pesky groundhogs we suggest using cantaloupe.

Bananas, broccoli, lettuce leaves, sunflower seed, peanut butter, apples and corns are all good baits. Sweet corn, removed from the husk. The best option for groundhog bait is to use apple slices and place them near their burrow.

These should be left in the trap in a position where the animal has to. People have also mentioned successfully catching groundhogs after using lettuce as bait. The trap’s dimensions should include an opening that’s at least ten inches wide and about a foot tall.

In havahart ® field tests, cantaloupe was the best bait for attracting groundhogs and woodchucks. Aside from the juicy fruits, many groundhogs prefer vegetables like beans, corn, and peas. Place your trap near the burrow or area that the groundhog frequently visits.

This would help overcome any human scent that could be clinging in the trap. Cook’s, organic pure vanilla extract. Groundhogs are herbivores, and in reality, fresh vegetables work best.

String beans, peas, and lettuce also work, but groundhogs appear to have a sweet tooth. Cut cantaloupe into 2 cubes, and rub the cantaloupe juice and rind throughout the inside and outside of. This is because apples have a strong smell that a groundhog can easily detect from far.

The best groundhog bait is typically the cantaloupe because it has a very strong scent that attracts groundhogs. The most important is the placement of the trap. Wearing gloves while setting the trap also limits any.

The first stlye is open on both ends with a bait tray/trap release mechanism in the center. C&s 2 pack of nut 'n sweet corn squirrelog refills. How to bait a groundhog trap

The type of fruit that will be most successful is usually soft and sweet, with strawberries, peaches and cantaloupe all often having success when it comes to catching a groundhog. There are two popular havahart styles for you to choose from. If you've ever watched a groundhog near a live trap, most of them will smell the trap before they enter.

Russ carman high noon groundhog lure. They will love to feed on the beans resulting to getting into your cage trap or any other kind of trap you set for them. Don't just add one slice of apple or one carrot.

Is a groundhog wreaking havoc in your garden? Good old google gave me these tips for catching and releasing groundhogs: Groundhogs have a big appetite for vegetables and legumes, and many gardeners and farmers turn to trapping as the best solution.

So, it might be better to buy a trap and then use apples or melon as bait to trigger the trap once the groundhog is inside and trying to eat the bait. Many other people have reported success with peanut butter and corn, which is probably not normal bait material. Some of the most successful vegetables that can be used as groundhog bait include peas, lettuce sweetcorn and string beans, while fruits such as cantaloupe, strawberries and beaches are also popular.

They are hardly picky when it comes to feeding. Rub some juice around the trap and inside.

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