Best Electro Wizard Lumberjack Deck

Best Electro Wizard Lumberjack Deck


This deck includes the archer queen, skeleton guard, ice wizard, mega knight, miner, and electro wizard. Show information on possible card replacements.

Pekka Lumberjack Electro Wizard Op Pekka Control Deck Clash Royale – Youtube

There was a balance patch that has buffed up the archer queen, which has made some players feel like she is the best hero in the game now.

electro wizard arena 11 deck

Best electro wizard lumberjack deck. The deck is really strong. This might be another reason why i pick electro rather than ice or fire wizard. Never hurry and think before using either of the cards.

Lumberjack is best to use with: Goblin barrel is capable of causing more than 700 damage to the opponent if neglected or. Baby dragon, balloon, bowler, inferno dragon and lumberjack are your investment cards.

For an f2p player, i would call this balloon deck very bad. When your opponent uses a high cost investment card, you can instantly respond with dark prince, bandit and ram rider. Here you can find the best clash royale decks with electro wizard, and see best electro wizard usage in different decks with each cards, also you can add your own electro wizard decks and share it.

A deck with a mega knight and electro wizard for the 10 arena implies having the knowledge of using the existing elixir in the correct way. Ram rider ma bridge spam. Best electro wizard lumberjack and hog deck in clash royale for arena 8 9 10 and challange.

Instead of the electro wizard, musketeer can be switched out or the wizard if you feel like this deck needs another splash troop. The lumberjack is really good now because of the recent buff that it received. The mega knight will be used for crowd control and the inferno tower will melt down tanks and hogs.

Bandit is best to use with: Miner chip best lumberjack decks 2018 arena 9+ 3. Went up 300 trophies in one morning.

This clash royale deck is based around the electro giant, a powerful unit that stuns and damages enemies in a radius around him. Best clash royale decks with electro wizard, electro wizard usage in decks. One of them is something electro giant can do.

Electro wizard is best to use with: Watch this deck in action by checking out this video: 1 balloon best lumberjack decks 2018 arena 9+ 2.

Miner, princess, log, graveyard and ice wizard are much better imo. I prefer electro because he can handle the defense in solo action. Dark prince, bandit, electro wizard, mother witch, p.e.k.k.a.

Running minions, clone, minion horde, skeleton army, goblin barrel, princess, inferno dragon, balloon or sparky will be very hard. Mega knight is best to use with: Dareallegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago) this deck is designed to defend against multiple archetypes and also provide a few elements of surprise to catch your opponent off guard.

Best lumberjack decks 2018 after january balance update 2018 i will show you top 7 best lumberjack decks 2018 arena 9+ so guys these best lumberjack decks 2018 are good for for arena 9+ deck no. Sudden death loon freeze valk. Our favourite version focuses on keeping the giant healed, using the tornado to make groups of enemies vulnerable to area of effect damage, then punishing it with the giant.

In this balloon deck, there are only two winning cards which are balloon and goblin barrel. And ram rider are your investment cards. In fact, i think electro wizard will beat spell bait decks and also lava hound decks.

If you have a lumberjack, then definitely use this balloon deck for arena 11. Copy the deck into the game. Then again, fireball one shots it.

The company has recently made challenges a regular part of the clash royale gameplay, each with its own special twist. Lumberjack is best to use with: Lumberjack (generally a good card [high dps and free rage potion]) inferno dragon (good to get rid of tank cards [like golem or pekka]) night witch (you need some way to initiate a zerg rush strategy]) princess (long distance hitter) log (if you can’t have zap… ) mega knight or lava hound (you need at least one good tank) electro wizard (free zaps)

Sparky is best to use with: Night witch is best to use with: I got him at the challenge and now using him in my ladder deck with the elite barbs.

By the presence of lumberjack, sparky will have more chance to shoot its incredible thunderbolt. Besides lumberjack sparky, we also play with the electro wizard as the leader on defense line. Mega knight lumberjack electro wizard deck for arena 11+.

Princess is best to use with: It is one of the most popular decks when it comes to ram rider. This deck has 3.9 average elixir cost.

On friday, december 23, supercell will kick off a new kind of challenge event, which allows players to win the latest legendary card added to the game, the electro wizard. Its attack potential is average and defense potential is excellent. It hits hard and really fast.

In reality, most of your cards dealing with splash or area damage aren’t common in clash royale. Get the freaking electro wizard. The zap that it gives when it is spawned can be useful for last second defense.

Graveyard might not be the best choice, because electro wizard targets two targets at a time. Firecracker wb mega knight miner.

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