Best Electro Wizard Mega Knight Deck

Best Electro Wizard Mega Knight Deck

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I don’t use mega knight and my deck counters it but there are some pretty good ones. Mega knight ram rider control.

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Copy the deck into the game.

Best electro wizard mega knight deck. Its help you lots in a 1v1 battle. Mega knight wb miner control. Cards such as mega knight, dark prince, musketeer and mother witch will help you tremendously in defense.

Best clash royale decks with electro wizard, electro wizard usage in decks. This deck has 3.1 average elixir cost. This control deck is based on a very fast card cycle with an elixir cost of 3 and a good the electro wizard will complete a solid defense with the valkyrie and the inferno tower.

In this mega deck challenge deck, goblin drill, electro giant and royal giant are win conditions. Electro wizard is good for defending and mega knight good for attacking so choose wisely. This deck is a hybrid of bridgespam and beatdown, using quick attacks with goblin drill and fisherman as well as big pushes with the mega knight and inferno dragon.

Electro wizard good against inferno dragon, balloon,swarm troop (using his zap feature). Dareallegend posted 2 years ago (updated 2 years ago) this deck is designed to defend against multiple archetypes and also provide a few elements of surprise to catch your opponent off guard. Show synergy of the cards in this deck.

Show information on possible card replacements. This deck is played very passively. Miner wb mega knight deck.

Firecracker wb mega knight miner. Its attack potential is excellent and defense potential is excellent. The winning card is hogs and dark prince in this electro wizard deck, which can use multiple times because it has a very low elixir cost.

Here is the best arena 12 decks in 2021. The strategy of this deck is the same as your usual miner control deck as you can see,this is a 3.5 elixir deck take a look at these top 5 bats decks for all arena. Lumberjack is best to use with:

The skeletons, the log and the ice spirit are very versatile cards, with a low elixir cost that will allow you to cycle your miner which is the win condition of this deck. This deck includes balloon, fireball, guards, lava hound, mega minion, skeleton dragons, tombstone, and zap. Morten is one of the best clash royale players, so his skills seem to have transferred over nicely into clash mini.

Tap or click here to quickly add this deck to the game. In this episode i use a mega knight electro wizard damage deck. The mega knight will be used for crowd control and the inferno tower will melt down tanks and hogs.

Sparky is best to use with: Graveyard, skelleton barrel, sparky, electro giant, ram rider, golem, elite barbarian, inferno dragon, mega knight, xbow, balloon, hog, giant skeleton, royal giant and pekka deck. Princess is best to use with:

Today, we have jax on the channel showcasing a 4.1 average elixir cost, meta countering mega knight deck. New meta countering mega knight deck! 2 poison miner mega knight decks arena 10+.

Miner does some work on the pumps, and the mega knight swipes the musketeers home. Then, use electro wizard and dartie to stop the lava hound. Mega knight wb miner control.

This top clash royale deck uses royal delivery, a damage and defense spell, to buff your units. Bandit is best to use with: Royal delivery mega knight miner wb.

Electro wizard is mainly used as a defensive troop. For an f2p player, i would call this mega knight deck very bad. Mega knight is best to use with:

To completely stop his thought processing, play mega knight and poison in the opposite lane. Lavaloon is one of the most popular decks for the challenge and it has gotten 20 wins, with player maxirus taking it all the way to the top. You have to deal damage by using the miner as a tanker followed by cheap units like goblins and bats.

Ram rider ma bridge spam. Here’s a great mega knight deck to help you get started: Possible card replacements a deck with a mega knight and electro wizard for the 10 arena:

As such, there are lots of decks that feature him as a centrepiece. Below you can see cards that are best to use with each cardfrom this deck, even if the card is not in this shoe. This deck includes shield maiden, electro wizard, archer, miner, pekka, and mega knight.

Electro wizard is best to use with: Mega knight ram rider bait. Bats, musketeer, bandit and mega knight are your investment cards.

It is best to defend against the balloon, inferno dragon, inferno tower, witch, and other troops. Here you can find the best clash royale decks with electro wizard, and see best electro wizard usage in different decks with each cards, also you can add your own electro wizard decks and share it. You can also call this a.

I think the mega knight is the best new legendary card in clash royale currently. Firecracker wb mega knight miner. It’s possible that this deck isn’t as good as it was due to the balance patch that was added to the game recently.

Mega knight lumberjack electro wizard deck for arena 11+. In my case i will buy mega knight:). This deck has 3.7 average elixir cost.

Electro giant, goblin drill and royal giant deck. Night witch is best to use with: If you are playing 1v1 take electro wizard 1.

You will have to play defense to build troops up on your side and finish your opponent off.

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