Best Medical Podcasts For Med Students

Best Medical Podcasts For Med Students


A podcast is a downloadable audio file that you can subscribe to and get regular updates when a new episode is released (usually weekly). Bmj student makes a podcast for medical students and newly qualified doctors, sharp scratch (, and there are hundreds of other medical podcasts on apple podcasts.

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This podcast offers great insights into the beauty of a career in medicine.

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Best medical podcasts for med students. By the editors of academic medicine “meet medical students and residents, clinicians and educators, health care thought leaders and researchers in this podcast from the journal academic medicine. Ten minute healthcare marketing podcast; I don’t always have the free time to stay updated with every new episode, but each podcast is hosted by an.

The list of career options available to medical students is large, but the time to explore them all is short. The short coat podcast, created by the university of iowa and hosted by dave elter, is the best medical podcast for students who aspire to enter medical school and all the untold stories in the life of a medical student. “undifferentiated medical student,” “the white coat investor,” “em basic,” “em stud” and “ama doc talk.” “they are all outstanding medical podcasts.

Take aurally started as a podcast for emergency medicine but has grown to cover large parts of the clinical curriculum for students at the university of nottingham; Olson covers both ed diagnoses as well as navigating the waters of medical school. Episodes chronicle the stories of individuals as they experience the science and the art of medicine.

The undifferentiated medical student (tums) podcast is about helping medical students to choose a medical specialty and plan a career in medicine. Everything from ent to therapeutics. Clinically relevant and very entertaining.

There is not a single doctor i know who is not busy. Best medical podcasts table of contents: Mark crislip's two podcasts, oneis a review of the latest literature and the otheris a 5 or so minute case study.

The new england journal of medicine (nejm) the healthcare policy podcast; New england journal of medicine interviews. For more of the science background this week in virologyand its 2 sister podcasts.

A lot are very specialised—ideal for consultants and registrars making difficult management decisions, but not always relevant for medical students. Margaret miller's peers asked her for recommendations on books and podcasts that can benefit medical students. Jama clinical reviews about ideas & innovations.

Founded by a group of medical and research students, they interview medical professionals and discuss a range of topics within the medical field and medical education, including the future of certain practices in the healthcare industry. In this leader voices blog post, she picks her top five in both categories. Annals of internal medicine podcast.

Nejm (new england journal of medicine) this week audio summaries Whether you're a student or a practitioner looking to refresh their memory take aurally is for you! Almost all podcasts are free and the best way to use them is via apple's itunes/ipod.

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