Best Scrubs Episodes Funny

Best Scrubs Episodes Funny


Scrubs doesn’t get the recognition it deserves for being a sitcom that was both funny and philosophical. The first episode where we saw real depth from scrubs and realised it was more than a comedy, but something that could make us lol and then weep the next second.

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Best scrubs episodes funny. Lee pace opens up about cleon's wild spiral walk 'foundation' episode 7 recap: Kelso help them to realize that if they want to be together, they. So i have five candidates for the best episode of scrubs.

There are soooo many scrubs episodes that i love. The two others for the best episode are season 6 episode 14, my no good reason. In no particular order [*] my screw up.this episode was amazing it was really touching i love it [*] first, my nickname.

The episode where they go to the bahamas and at the end elliot and jd have a moment, i really liked that too. After spending an entire episode talking about the rollercoaster ride they’ve been on, some words of encouragement from dr. Season 5 episode 20, my lunch, where we get to see doctor cox's real emotions.

The third choice is season 1 episode 4, my old lady. It lays out their unspecified love, letting jd bear his soul while turk works hard to maintain his. Some clips from scrubs that i found quite funny, so i thought you might want to see them, enjoy xbtw i've done another one, so if you like this one, go on an.

My first day, season 1, episode 1. All of the famous tv quotes from scrubs are entertaining, and these dr cox quotes are almost guaranteed to make you laugh. Cox (to dr jd dorian):

Then last and best of all, the final 2 episodes, especially jd's. As far as first episodes go, it doesn't get much better than the scrubs pilot, my first day. following john j.d. dorian (zach braff) on his first day at. Coxs dance is just too good xd.

So, what you're saying is that you have a problem that is totally your problem, but you'd like to find a way to make that problem my problem. Again, this episode does what scrubs does best, which is to mix the sweet with the sorrowful. Busy at the hospital, her cries for help fall on deaf ears until it’s too late.

Here are 10 of his best. The 100th episode my way home. What he says at the end really hit me, though of course i can't remember it.

Christmas episode (1) close up of eye (1) community service (1) death of a hospital patient (1) floor buffer (1) going away party (1) hard candy (1) kidney failure (1) loss of child (1) loss of friend (1) loss of son (1) lying on the grass (1) making out (1) missing hospital patient (1) musical episode (1) new mother (1) party (1) pinata (1) playing darts with a syringe (1) So without further ado, here are the top 10 episodes of scrubs. The episode gives zach braff a great final monologue where he puts his friends in their place, and allows you to see just how hard and isolating his.

Funny moments from scrubs 5!!!!containing clips from the new season 9!!!!!w00t! Because i'm obsessed with the janitor and i love how he's tryin to give him a nickname and i. In scrubs, though, the manner in which they finally get back together for good is slightly unique.

Episode 2, where the old man dies. Here are the 8 most moving memorable from scrubs. 1. Funny moments compilation from that plays during evil eye:

My cake (season 4, episode 6) “it’s guy love between two guys” (“my musical” season 6 episode 6) while this scene is mostly comical, it really sums up jd and turk’s bromance more than any other episode did. Within every episode, you could find a life lesson hidden in jd’s various thoughts and quotes, and looking back at all that jd learned makes scrubs a very mature show.

It was so hard to pick just ten. Another obvious candidate is season 8 episode 19, my finale part 2. The passion of lee pace 'foundation' episode 8:

Consistently ranked among the best episodes of scrubs, “my lunch” sees the return of guest star nicole sullivan as a troubled patient looking for someone to reach out to; It opens with the funniest scene in the show and had wizard of oz themes throughout starting with listening to toto and being called dorthy by dr cox. But not to weigh viewers down with death and despair, this is one of the best scrubs episodes that features some of the best fantasy scenes you’ll see in the series.

10 ways elliot got better & better.

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