Best Sipping Tequila Blanco

Best Sipping Tequila Blanco


Bottled straight from the copper pot still without dilution, this blanco has an alluring earthy, olivey quality. During the annual celebration, it is estimated that american drinkers triple their consumption of tequila.

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“probably the best inexpensive tequila for the money is the el jimador blanco,” says gavin humes, food and beverage director of scratch bar & kitchen in los angeles.


Best sipping tequila blanco. Casa dragones barrel blend ; For that reason, ladies and gentlemen, today i give you the world’s best sipping tequilas! Casa dragones joven tequila ;

Cinco de mayo is right around the corner. Meaning land of the volcano, this tequila is a joint. The same alcoholic note found is blanco is detectable in reposado making it a bad tequila for sipping neat.

Siete leguas was the name of a horse owned and beloved by francisco “pancho” villa, an army general and central figure during the mexican revolution. Patron extra anejo tequila ; These are some great sipping tequilas to enjoy right now.

However, in terms of availability and quality, don julio always overperforms. Features to keep in mind types of sipping tequilas: “for sipping, i suggest fortaleza blanco,” he says, describing the bottle as “definitely one of [his] favorite tequilas.” best for mixing:

A velvety mouthfeel and a drying and nearly tannic finale compels you to take another sip. Most great tequilas clock in around $40 to $50, so choosing just one can be challenging. Volcán de mi tierra cristalino tequila;

This is also a good mixer and appropriate for tequila shots. “it's smooth enough for shooting, but has enough kick to stand up well in cocktails. El jimador blanco tequila courtesy of total wine

Silver’s light vanilla and herbaceous notes are perfect for. The following is our list of the five blanco tequilas made for sipping: Best tequila for sipping clase azul reposado tequila price:

Herradura seleccion suprema extra anejo tequila ; Expect to find jimador reposado for less than $30 usd. Fresh tasting with green apple and grapefruit.

A beautiful silvery color, this tequila is light with notes of citrus. Añejo tequilas añejos have darker colors ranging from golden browns to deep reds that come from. Made 100% from the blue weber agave, dragones features a unique distillation process resulting in a super smooth and crisp taste with hints of citrus, peppers, and cloves.

Casa dragones blanco is a small batch, premium blanco tequila made at the headwaters of the volcano of tequila and is pound for pound the best spirit of its kind in our $100 price bracket. All three of camarena’s expressions are smooth enough to be sippers. Reposado tequila tends to be a favorite sipping choice for many because of the increased flavor and character it has compared to silver or blanco sippers.

Enjoy don julio on the rocks. Casa dragones blanco these guys create another one of the ultimate sipping tequilas and arguably one of the ‘purest’ looking bottles i’ve seen too. Volcán de mi tierra blanco is produced by master distiller anna maria romero mena who uses a blend of los altos (highland) and tequila valley (lowlands) agave for the tequila.

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