Best Snacks At Disney World Parks

Best Snacks At Disney World Parks


Probably the most iconic snack on walt disney world property, the classic dole whip is available at aloha isle. There are lots of slush drink options across the disney parks but this is the one to try on your disney world vacation.

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Here’s our top choices for each walt disney world theme park for savory snacks.


Best snacks at disney world parks. Go for ones that come in a can to make packing easier and stop them getting squashed. Get it from beaches and cream (beach club resort) 14. Starting with the original disney world park, magic kingdom, let’s talk about the sweet snacks.

They come in all sorts of designs with chocolate, caramel, and other toppings. Let’s examine a few of our top picks! It is one of the healthier disney snacks on this list as it is fresh and filled with quality ingredients.

We also found the disney good2grow juices were fun. These are just some of the best snacks in all of walt disney world’s four theme parks. These are awesome snack ideas for in the parks.

You can also get it as a float, serviced with pineapple juice. Definitely one of the best snacks at walt disney world. Sometimes, though, a simple piece of fruit, a box of popcorn, or even a simple ice cream cone is all you need to quell your snack attack.

Yes, you can get cookie sandwiches elsewhere, but this is the only double chocolate cookie option in any of the disney parks, and in our opinion, it is the best ice cream sandwich on disney property. If you are a sushi lover, you can get your fix with the spicy tuna sushi at the kabuki cafe. Norwegian school bread is another long time favorite snack for disney world guests.

We know we’re always talking about our favorite foods at the disney theme parks, but did you know many of our favorite snacks don’t even require a park ticket?! One of the prettiest snacks you can get at disney world is the candy apple. There is no other place for this list to start.

Okay, i know we said top snack, but choosing between these two would be like choosing our favorite child. Tamu tamu refreshments in africa has another of our favorite animal kingdom snacks: It’s a cardamom bun stuffed with custard and topped with coconut.

When every child waiting for the fireworks is chowing down a box of popcorn or relieving the heat with a nice bowl of ice cream, it is time to put away the snack bag and roll with the punches. The mickey bar is one of the classic snacks at disney world. Whether you’re a corn dog nuggets fan, or you must get a dole whip every single day of your trip, there are so many delicious options to choose from.

My kid’s love pretzels and fruit snacks. But, if you haven’t been to disney world since it reopened, you may be wondering…. Frankly, these sweet treats were all really big and could have easily been shared, but there are so many flavors, why limit yourself!

Everyone has their favorite disney snack! More specifically, the kakamora float at aloha isle! There are so many more to choose from.

With six of us roaming the parks looking for the best disney snacks available every day (you can read our post about eating at epcot’s festival of the arts) at the disney world theme parks, we spent a lot of money and a lot of time to narrow it down to our top 12. It’s named after the famous mickey mouse because its shape resembles mickey’s head. Something i know we often like.

Best snacks at disney world. Alternatively take them in a box to stop them getting too squashed and crushed. The double chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwich.

You can find the bar in almost all ice cream carts around the four theme parks. Between us, we have strawberries and cream bubble waffles, peanut butter, chocolate, and pretzel bubble waffles, and the nutella and banana crepes. They are found at various carts all around walt disney.

Park snacks for disney parks. Peanut butter and jelly milkshake. Mickey ice cream bars are the most classic of disney snacks.

I would suggest that you try a snack or treat that you’ve never had before. It's amazing how these little creations can make a simple treat into a work of art. Three out of the top ten best desserts throughout the vast resort can be found without having to move an inch at les halles boulangerie.

The wonderland slush is made up of frozen minute maid raspberry lemonade and frozen fanta grape and to top it off it’s served with a hard strawberry candy straw. The mickey ice cream sandwich features cookies and cream ice cream between two chocolate mickey shaped cookies. If you’re looking for something refreshing, delicious, and just the right amount of sugary, then we recommend you try dole whip.

The snack is simply creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a succulent chocolate shell. The mickey premium bars are made of vanilla ice cream coated with a thick chocolate shell and shaped like a mickey head. Check these out and you will not be disappointed!

This sweet and spicy snack can be enjoyed with beautiful views of the nearby ancient pyramid and world showcase lagoon! But sometimes you might want something a bit savory. This cafe is secluded in the japan pavilion in the epcot world showcase.

You could also move a few inches away to l'artisan des glaces. If you’ve never had the pleasure, it’s a frozen treat that is available in vanilla, pineapple or combined flavors. Nutella with fruit or waffles.

Not traditionally one to bow to peer pressure, there are a time and a place for park snacks. These are two other iconic walt disney world treats that you have to have while you are there. 20 best snacks to bring to disney world 1.

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