Best Time To Visit Bio Bay Puerto Rico

Best Time To Visit Bio Bay Puerto Rico


Las croabas, fajardo, puerto rico. Most importantly, you should plan your visit during a new moon and not a full moon.

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I have lived in the fajardo area for awhile but hadn't done the bio bay yet.


Best time to visit bio bay puerto rico. Heavy rainfall can cloud the water and make it harder to see the glow from the dinoflagellates. Puerto rico is one of these unique locations where you can have such a surreal experience. Secondly, it’s better to visit when the waters are calm, especially for some of the glowing bay puerto rico options.

I had family visiting who wanted to go so i went. Those are the main factors that come into play. There are no tours the night before, the night of, or the night after the full moon so please use the lunar calendar to make sure you come at the best time.

We took a tour with bieque ecotrips to get a closer look at this natural phenomenon. For starters, the less light there is, the better the experience, so to best enjoy the luminescence, try to avoid full moon nights. I highly recommend this group if you're a beginner kayaker and are interested in experiencing the bio bay.

“la parguera is the most open to the ocean,” says percy rier of kayaking puerto rico, which guides tours out to the laguna grande bio bay. In general, it’s best to avoid the 5 to 8 nights prior to the full moon and a day or two after. Bioluminescent bay is a great place to visit any time of year, and any time of day.

First, i would highly recommend doing the earlier tour that leaves around 6:30 pm or so. It is important you check the moon phases calendar when visiting the bioluminescent bay in puerto rico. La parguera bio bay is much more exposed than the others and can get more rough in higher winds, such as during the hurricane season, making it unsuitable for kayaking.

The best time to visit is when there is no moon present. If you do end up staying out late, make sure to wait and take in the sight of the full moon over. Visiting a bio bay is by far the most mystifying experience of the island.

It is not recommended that you attempt to visit the bio bay on your own. $58* per person plus tax *rates include $3 dnr fee. Best time of the year to visit.

Bioluminescent bay laguna grande in las croabas is a one of a kind ecosystem situated along puerto rico’s northeastern city of fajardo. It is the cheapest of the bio bay excursions, but also the least rewarding. But if you are visiting the south of the island, don’t miss your chance.

5:10pm & 7:15pm (times might change depending the season. We have attached the moon phases calendar for your convenience. La parguera bio bay aka bahía fosforescente is the least most active bioluminescent bay on the island.

Maximum combined weight limit is 400 pounds. While kayaking tours are offered all hours of the day, you should try to book a bit earlier so you don’t end up coming back in the dark—just to be extra careful. Lajas is a southwestern municipality of puerto rico located between cabo rojo and guánica, on the southern coast of the island facing the caribbean sea.

As it turns out, mosquito bay in vieques, puerto rico is the brightest bio bay in the world. And there are three bio bays on the island, but only a five more in the whole world. When is the best time to visit the bioluminescent bay?

Tour companies that visit the fajardo bio bay include: I also recommend going during a new moon. The best time to view the bioluminescent bay is when the night sky is dark due to little or no moonlight.

Because of this, the rainy season (from june to november) is not an ideal time to visit a bio bay. “therefore it has a more complete exchange of water.” The bio bay at mosquito bay is the largest and brightest (healthiest) and was recently named in coastal living’s top ten coastal wildlife hot spots.

You can choose from up to three bays to plan your kayaking or swimming adventure. The road there is perilous, windy and thin and doesn’t have any sort of street lights to help you see. *please note the best time to visit the biobay is during the new moon phase.

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