Chatamari Recipe

Chatamari Recipe

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Chatamari Recipe. Add toasted cumin seeds and salt to taste; It is often referred to as a newari pizza.

Nepali Egg Chatamari — Food, Pleasure & Health Brunch
Nepali Egg Chatamari — Food, Pleasure & Health Brunch from

Pour in some batter and spread out into a thin crust. For the besan/ chickpea layer. Crack an egg in the center, cover and cook for 2.5 minutes for a runny yolk.

Chatamari Is Made With Rice Flour And Usually Top Up With Eggs/Veg/Minced Meat & Fresh Herbs Like Garlic Chives & Coriander.

50 gm rice flour 50 ml water 60 gm buff/chicken keema (minced meat) 1 egg sliced tomatoes Fry onions, garlic and ginger until light brown. Cook until meat is nearly done and keep aside.

Chatamari Is Famous Newari Dish.

Mix wheat flour, baking powder, turmeric, cumin, coriander, ginger, garlic and salt in a deep bowl. The consistency should be very thin and you should be able to pour the batter and swirl it on the pan. Slide the chatamari on a plate, drizzle with achar and top with cilantro leaves.

Add Tomatoes Just Before The Meat Is Done.

So, chatamari can be a great dish for vegetarian and vegan. Put in minced meat, salt and pepper. The lentil paste, however, should be part of your chatamari batter.

Add Water And Make A Thin Batter.

Stir the mixture properly till all get mixed. Chatānmari is now widely eaten as a snack and has become popular among other cultures, too. Chatamari or thin pancakes is another typical newari dish.

Now You Can Start Preparing Chatamari.

A compulsory newari dish in the festivals such as diwali or any other festivities. Learn to cook 10 nepali dishes that are easy to cook and taste delicious. Rinse the soaked rice and lentils mixture thoroughly.

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