China Doll Plant Care Pruning

China Doll Plant Care Pruning


It is now a widespread and popular plant that is used to bring glossy greenery to your home. Leggy is a condition where the middle part between branches and leaves grows.

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The china doll plant may be a little on the finicky side, but they are certainly lovely plants that will add to the beauty of your home.


China doll plant care pruning. However, the plant needs intense care, watering supervision, and maintenance. Prune this plant every few months to prevent this problem. This article was last updated on 06/20/21.

And its very thin extra stem. The china doll plant (radermachera sinica), also known as serpent tree, or emerald tree, is a compact, bushy the china doll plant lives up to its name, and can be fragile and a bit fussy, but as long as you're willing to give the plant a bit of extra tender loving care, it will continue to grace your. If not given enough light, china doll can grow leggy and require more frequent pruning.

It's not picky about the time of year that it is pruned, so you can do so whenever you notice your china doll plant getting a little unruly. When they get enough light, either from a sunny window or supplemental fluorescent lighting, the plants stay bushy and need an occasional trim to remove dead. Pruning at least 2/3 of the plant back is a good rule of thumb here.

Regular pruning is also a part of how to care for a china doll plant. Cut the china doll to the height you desire by clipping tall stems back to 1/2 inch above a leaf. But do it in spring.

It requires moist soil but can’t tolerate wet feet. When to prune china doll plant. A leggy china doll plant has too much space between branches and leaves and looks bare.

Remove any dead stems by cutting them completely off. It should stabilize once it gets used to the new environment. China doll has an upright growing habit with glossy green foliage.

Whenever you change the amount of light, water, or the temperature in the room, your china doll plants can respond by shedding leaves. While pruning, always use clean scissors or shears to reduce the chance of bacterial and fungal diseases. China doll plant is a gorgeous houseplant.

If you want since you got 12 stems, try it out with 2 or 3 stems, so you can observe and understand how the plant reacts to your pruning. Are you pruning china doll plant then first understand why it needed is because they can be leggy easily which risk the growth so you need to take good care of it either by pruning or by maintaining its growth. In other regions, it is a popular houseplant.

To know the actual time of pruning, understand when they. The leaves are falling off on my china doll plant! To prune, select one long stem and cut it back.

China doll plants can be trimmed any time if you see undesirable growth and basically you are saving your plant by doing this so don’t think if you are harming them. It’s not hard to learn pruning and anyone can do that with basic knowledge. Department of agriculture plant hardiness zone map.

I have a china doll and it is getting very. China dolls respond well to trimming, however, and are easy to maintain with some routine attention. Regular pruning is the main form of upkeep for the china doll plant and should be done so regularly in order to maintain an attractive and successful plant.

Some plants contain chemicals such as oxalates, solanine, glycosides, or alkaloid lycorine that may cause vomiting, nausea, diarrhea, swelling and redness of the mouth, throat, and lips, and trouble breathing. Forest & kim starr, cc by 3.0 us, via wikimedia commons. A china doll houseplant needs warm temperatures and lots of bright indirect light.

The china doll (radermachera sinica) is a compact shrub that grows well outdoors in zones 9 and 10 on the u.s. Summary of caring for a china doll plant: For many people, pruning is scary.

Pruning china doll plants regular pruning is the primary form of chinese doll plant maintenance and should be done regularly to maintain an attractive and thriving plant. My china doll tends to really grow tall, seeking the sun, since it gets way too shaded in its current location.

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