Christmas Island Special Fly Recipe

Christmas Island Special Fly Recipe

Christmas Island Special Fly Recipe. Step by step instructions for randal kaufman's christmas island special. To celebrate my fly tying madness, i've created a step by step of my take on the ci special.

In House Christmas Island Bonefish Selection Royal
In House Christmas Island Bonefish Selection Royal from

This is a variation of a gotcha fly which is specifically tied for christmas island bonefish. This pattern has heavily weighted eyes and is very effective in situations with tidal currents of fishing. Tan or pink utc 140.

The Ringburner Is My Bread And Butter Pattern For Ci, And Is An Essential Addition To Any Flybox In A Range Of Eye Sizes From Bead Chain, To 3/16 Brass.

We like this pattern for other destinations as well anytime a relatively heavy fly is required. Whip finish and cut the thread, then seal the head bindings with some more head set, vinyl cement, nail varnish etc. Popular colors are yellow, pearl, orange, and pink.

This Pattern Has Heavily Weighted Eyes And Is Very Effective In Situations With Tidal Currents Of Fishing.

While dan earned his reputation for tying great redfish flies, his collection of flies also works for seatrout, tarpon, snook. Tan/sand pseudo hair or craft fur. Long rubber legs provide irresistible movement.

Ten To Thirty Bonefish A Day Are The Rule Not The Exception.

Regular saltwater hook, sizes 8 to 4. A variation of the gotcha that was originally tied for bonefish in the clear waters of christmas island. Using figure eight thread wraps attach the eyes to the hook shank a little behind the hook eye.

Christmas Island Special Bonefish Fly T His Slender, Flashy Fly Is A Great Milk Fish Fry Imitation And Continues To Be A Great Producer At Christmas Island Or Anywhere Else That Bonefish Is Found.

The christmas island special, an updated version of the modern bonefish fly pattern, is absolutely deadly. We tie this pattern sparsely to maintain the profile and movement of a small bait fish. Available now from tom's outdoors in the snowy mountains.

Tying The Christmas Island Juan.

Orange or yellow 3/0 (210 denier). For those who are not familiar with bonefish flies for christmas island, the most popular pattern is the christmas island special. It is bright and flashy and definitely gets noticed in crystal clear waters.

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