Kawan Paratha Pizza Recipe

Kawan Paratha Pizza Recipe


Kawan Paratha Pizza Recipe. 6 tbso tomato puree or pizza sauce; A handful of cherry tomatoes;

Pizza Paratha Recipe Stuffed Paratha Kiran's Food corner
Pizza Paratha Recipe Stuffed Paratha Kiran's Food corner from

This video contains 10 creative recipes you can try using kawan paratha.1. Add one tablespoon of oil to coat the dough and knead again. We are all about providing our consumers with authentic products of the highest quality, while making a difference in the lives of our shareholders, consumers, business partners, employees and the community.

Squeeze The Chopped Bell Peppers To Remove The Extra Water.

On half cooked flat bread (roti),place chicken patty,cheese slice and fold all edges of flat bread (roti) and. Distribute diced chicken, onions, pineapples and cheese on it. Knead once again and divide the dough into 8 portions.

The Recipe For Pizza Paratha Is Very Simple And It Begins With Kneading The Dough For Any Paratha Recipes.

Discard the plastic films and leave to thaw for approximately 10 minutes. Dust some more flour on top of it. When the minced beef is cooked through and the chayote has softened add the kombu, stir through and turn off heat.

You Can Use Any Three Types Of Nuts

A handful of mozarella cheese; Remove paratha from freezer and discard the plastic films. Turn it a few turns and tadaaa…puffy pratha done to perfection.

A Handful Of Parmesan Cheese Methods:

Roll both the parathas out together to create one larger sheet. And stuff the topping in it on one of the roti. Mix kaya and egg custard in a bowl until even.

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In this recipe i have stuffed stuffing into a single roti. Pizza paratha is a delicious indian bread with pizza flavour and goey cheese that kids will love it for is enjoyed by all, this pizza paratha is an interesting healthy twist to the usual pizza we make.also this is quick to make anytime you feel like having pizza. With fork, perforate the paratha surfaces.

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