Keerai Kuzhambu Recipe

Keerai Kuzhambu Recipe

Keerai Kuzhambu Recipe. add boiled dal with water (adjust to sambar consistency by adding more water). We do not use sambar podi in ambat bhaji.

Thandu keerai kuzhambu recipe in tamil by veggie treat
Thandu keerai kuzhambu recipe in tamil by veggie treat from add greens and stir till it shrinks by adding needed salt. Make sure that the flame of the stove is medium when roasting spices. Course gravy cuisine south indian prep time 20 minutes melt fourth dimension 30 minutes total time l minutes

Mix Well So That The Rice Is Well Coated With The Masala.

This fenugreek kuzhambu not only taste amazing but is very healthy as well. Meanwhile, in another pan, add oil and when the oil is hot, add mustard seeds and when the mustard seeds. It uses the green leafy vegetable spinach and packs a lot of nutrition with taste.

In A Pan Add Oil And Then Add Red Chili,Mustard,Fenugreek And Cumin And. add greens and stir till it shrinks by adding needed salt. Pressure cook dhal, green chili, garlic , tomato, spinach and salt for 1 whistle and simmer the stove for 5 min. Boil the kuzhambu again for five more minutes in.

All The Kulambu Is So Easy To Put Together And Takes Less Than 30 Mins To 1 Hour To Make.

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Then Add The Ground Mixture And Give A Good Stir And Bring It To Boil.

Add the cooked rice and the cashew nuts or roasted peanuts along with the ghee. This recipe is different from soppu sambar or keerai sambar which requires sambar podi (powder). Agathi keerai kuzhambu recipe | kuzhambu varieties southward indian style aromatic gravy with agathi keerai and freshly ground spices.

Clean, Wash And Cook Keerai With Turmeric Powder And Salt.

I have tried to cover as much recipes in this post. Once the raw smell of tamarind leaves, add pressure cooked agathi keerai and mix it with the boiling kuzhambu. Mix it well and boil the kuzhambu for 5 minutes until the raw smell of tamarind completely leaves.

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