Lao Shu Fen Recipe

Lao Shu Fen Recipe

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Lao Shu Fen Recipe. 1 tbs light soy sauce. Return the prawns & squids to the pan and add the fish cake and spring onions.

"Wok With Us" KL Claypot Lao Shu Fen Recipes, Food, Wok
"Wok With Us" KL Claypot Lao Shu Fen Recipes, Food, Wok from

Recipe by baby sumo preparation time: Once it turns light brown, add the garlic. Biasanya disajikan atau diolah spt bakmie, dikuah atau di.

So On Last Sunday Night, I Went To Try It Out To See How Good It Is.

Over medium high heat, fry the shallots and green onions. Adjust the seasonings to your taste if need be. 500 g lao shu fun () 1 tbsp light soy sauce () 1 tbsp dark soy sauce () 1/2 tbsp organic brown sugar () 1 pinch pepper powder ()

Remove And Loosen Up Noodles With A Fork.

As with most chinese noodles, it can be served for breakfast, lunch or dinner as a main course or supplementing a rice meal. One of kl's signature dishes, the claypot lao shu fen is not one to disappoint. Here is my very update homemade short noodle /or we call these load in khmer.thank you and have a good day !ingredients 2 cups of rice flour 1/2 cup of tap.

Lao Shu Fen, Balloon Noodles Or Even Mee Tai Mak, It Is The Easiest To Cook And Easiest To Eat.

My husband loves it so much. Take one piece of dough and put in between both palms and rub the dough until both sides are thin. Place rice pin noodles in a microwavable dish.

Add Marinated Ground Pork And Stir Fry For 2 To 3 Minutes.

2 tbs thick camarel sauce (for color) pinch of. Heat up a pot of hot water , bring to boil, add a few drops of oil, add the silver needle noodles. Stir fry the noodles to ensure they are well coated in the seasonings.

Microwave On High For 2 Minutes.

Put aside in a bowl dusted with flour. Add the soy sauce, oyster sauce, thick caramel sauce, salt, white pepper and sugar. The other day while doing our weekly groceries shopping, i came across a packet of lao shu fen for only rm1.50.

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