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Maytag Dependable Care Washer Lid Switch


Grasp the front of the washer opening with one hand and the back of the cabinet with the other and pull the cabinet forward about 6 inches. Similarly, how do you open a maytag dependable washer?

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Tried this a few times now it will not come on at all.


Maytag dependable care washer lid switch. Where is lid switch on maytag washer? My washer shut off from being a full load kicking it out of balenece. Lid open/at rest, continuity between machine and line, continuity between motor and neutral.

I thought i would crack the plastic on the lid switch and on the console top. Maytag dependable care plus washer model lat9804aae i need to replace the lid switch. Beside above, how do you troubleshoot a maytag washer?

To access the belts, remove the front panel and tilt the washer back and support it up. As per, … read more If the main contact inside the lid switch sticks the fuse inside will blow and the washer will go dead.

Have a maytag atlantis washer machine, mav7700aww. Maytag lde9306acm dependable care dryer timer control switch w knob. To determine if the lid switch assembly is defective, use a multimeter to test the lid switch for continuity.

If the drive belt is broken or loose, replace it. Maytag mvwx655dw1 lid washer or door will not close lid or the door will not close is the fifth most common symptom for maytag mvwx655dw1. Repairing maytag dependable care quiet plus model lat8606aae?.

Maytag amana washer 27001095 lid switch new in box. I have a maytag pav2300aww that won't agitate, drain, or spin. Complete answer to this is here.

Use the adjustment screws below the timer to move the switch forward or backward to achieve proper lid switch operation. It needed a lid switch, plunger and cam. The new lid switch was put in, and she fired right up.

Now is a good time to make sure you are happy with the way your lid switch is working. The model number is lat9616aam. Lid closed/activated, continuity between machine, motor and line.

The lid microswitch actuator is mechanically linked to the lid by the plunger rod. I can't believe the crappy quality that maytag reduced itself to. A common maytag console can be accessed by removing the 2 inner screws from the top and the console will tilt towards you exposing the timer, water level control, lid switch, function switches.

Repair manual for maytag washer download repair manual for maytag washer read online i am trying to find the proper se… Raising the lid on a maytag washer will stop it, no matter what cycle it is in. Lid can't lock lid lid is open du if the objects on top of the washer cover prevent unlocking the det detergent cartridge is not detected e01, f01 e01 f01 appears due to a strong voltage drop in the.

This unit was in working condition when disassembled. Dependable care quiet plus / heavy duty 2 speed super capacity 16 cycles. The only thing that i can figure that wasn't as robust on the lav and lat series machines as all the other dependable care machines of the past is the tub bearing and the mounting stem seal which made these.

All installed it now fills, washes (agitates), drains but does not spin. 02/03/2018 by taken care of and back in business! The rotor interacts with the stator to create a strong electromagnetic field, which rotates the tub in either direction.

Yes, the lav3600 was the same dependable care design that maytag had been building for 60 years. This new style switch is bit confusing to test, this here might help you out. Maytag lat9616aam dependable care washer water inlet valve w top bottom injector.

If your hear the microswitch click when the front of the washer lid is up about 3 inches, the switch is adjusted properly. Maytag lat9616aam dependable care washer lid fuse, bracket, light, check switch. In previous washers i have owned, the top panel lifts up and tilts back to provide access to the upper interior of the cabinet.

It just had a more modern look to it. I lifted the lid and held the lid switch in manually and the tub started spinning then started wabbling and it shut off again. It is a very quiet washer, but i was very unimpressed with the wash action.

I guess i am just used to the old tanks from 20 years ago. Maytag washer specifications capacity 2.5 cu. You should see the lid switch and have access to it.

Opening the lid opens the lid switch which removes power from the machine.

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