Mithai Guyana Recipe

Mithai Guyana Recipe

Mithai Guyana Recipe. Easy / simple mithai recipes : Read this recipe to learn how to test for the soft ball stage.

GUYANESE MITHAI Recipes, Mithai, Basic crepe recipe
GUYANESE MITHAI Recipes, Mithai, Basic crepe recipe from

Test sugar in water to see if it has reached the soft ball stage. Guyanese hard / crunchy mithai, latto step by step recipe video. Combine sugar, water, and vanilla, if using.

If You Like Your Mithai To Have A Rounded Look, Gently Roll Each Strip Between Your Hand And The Work Surface Until The Edges Become Slightly Rounded (See Pictures Above) Frying The Crunchy Mithai.

Guyanese food recipes, my granny's mithai is a wonder that makes hindu holidays feel even more unique. It is made with creamy cashew nut and has a typical diamond shape adorned with silver varq. Remember the metal bowl will heat as you add the fried kurma to it, so handle with care.

With A Rubber Spatula Or Wooden Spoon, Gently Turn The Kurma To Coat Completely, Add More Syrup As Needed.

In a sauce pan place the water, sugar, cinnamon and ginger over a medium flame and bring to a boil. It’s fried till golden brown then tossed in a sugar syrup up until taken shape. Adding the sugar syrup and getting it to crystalize.

In This Recipe, The Chef Uses Saffron And Cardamom To Add More Flavour.

Read this recipe to learn how to test for the soft ball stage. A mithai is not a mithai if it is not coated in a light dusting of crystalized sugar. This rich and delicious mithai is made with gram flour and nuts.

Kurma (Mithai) | Divali 2017 | Collaboration With Matthew's Guyanese Cooking || Taste Of Trini.

Her soft mithai is made with flour, butter, fresh coconut, anise seed, and also evaporated milk. In a large bowl, place the fried dough pieces and pour half of the syrup over. When the oil comes up to temperature and is hot but not smoking, add the mithai strips.

Her Soft Mithai Is Made With Flour, Butter, Fresh Coconut, Anise Seed, And Also Evaporated Milk.

Allow this to reduce until it thickens up. Boil on low for about 35 minutes, or longer depending on your stove. Place all of the ingredients in a saucepan and stir to mix.

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