Mozzarella Fritters Recipe

Mozzarella Fritters Recipe

Mozzarella Fritters Recipe. Mix together in a bowl: Top with 5 noodles, remaining cheese mixture and one fourth of the sausage mixture.

Crispy Eggplant Smoked Mozzarella Fritters
Crispy Eggplant Smoked Mozzarella Fritters from

1 tin of creamed corn; Olive, coconut or vegetable oil for frying. Place the sauce in a ziploc freezer bag.

Mix 1 Cup Of The Mozzarella Cheese And The Ricotta And Parmesan Cheeses.

Or until fritters are crisp and golden brown; Try this parmesan and mozzarella fritters recipe, or contribute your own. Serve with sour cream and a salad.

Put The Flour In A Fourth Bowl.

First of all, the quality of the ingredients, especially for the mozzarella, which must be buffalo mozzarella and preferably from the day before. 200 ml self raising flour; Place the fritters in it.

Pour Oil Into A Large Skillet And Heat To A Medium Heat.

Fry spoonfuls of the dough in a shallow pan of hot oil, turning to brown each side. Place all the ingredients except the oil into a bowl and mix well to combine. 1 tin of creamed corn;

200 Ml Self Raising Flour;

Add all other ingredients (except oil) to bowl and mix well. In a third bowl lightly beat the eggs. Spread 1 tablespoon of tomato sauce over each fritter.

Slide The Fritters In The Oven For The Next 15 Minutes!

You can make the rice balls two weeks ahead and freeze. In a small bowl combine the ricotta, smoked mozzarella, salt, and pepper. Whisk eggs and pasta sauce in separate bowl until blended.

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