Mqaret Recipe

Mqaret Recipe


Mqaret Recipe. Cut the dough into quarters; Rest and then cut the pastry in two, roll out half into an oblong 16 x 4 inch (10 cm).

Makrout Moroccan Date Cookie Sneha's Recipe
Makrout Moroccan Date Cookie Sneha's Recipe from

Fry always in a moderate heat so you do not burn the pastry. If the dates are hard, soak in water for about thirty minutes to soften. Cut the mqaret diagonally into the desired size and refrigerate or freeze as required.

If The Dates Are Hard, Soak In.

Leave aside to cool for about an half an hour. Also, in the final stage, the dough can be baked in the oven to reduce its calories and make it a healthier snack for the elderly. Press the dough down gently.

Sift The Flour Together With The Baking Powder.

This will change the taste of the dates a bit. Deep fry the mqaret in hot oil until golden and serve generously drizzled with honey and dredged with icing sugar. This maltese imqaret recipe is the best date slice recipe you’re ever going to try!

Mash The Dates And Mix With The Cloves, Orange Peel, Anisette And Orange Flower Water.

Cut horizontally the diamond shaped imqaret. The name refers to the maltese word for diamond (maqrut), because of its shape. In some recipes, dates are also fried in butter before preparing.

Roll One Of The Pieces Of Pastry.

Also spelled maqrout, makroudh, maqrut, mqaret, imqaret, or makroud. Deep fry the imqaret in a pan using vegetable oil, for around 1 minute each side. On a floured surface, open each dough into a long rectangle about 50cm long and 10/15cm width.

To Make The Dough, Rub The Lard Into The Flour.

If the dates are hard, soak in water for about thirty minutes to soften. Layer the paste on the dough on one side, leaving a border. Soak the dates in a small amount of milk or water for approximately 30 minutes.

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