Outerbridge's Sherry Pepper Sauce Recipe

Outerbridge's Sherry Pepper Sauce Recipe

Outerbridge's Sherry Pepper Sauce Recipe. Gives them what we call, “the flavour and the fire”! [3] [7] locally manufactured outerbridge's original sherry peppers sauce is one of bermuda's few exports.

Bermuda hot sauce Outerbridge’s Royal Rum sauce Green
Bermuda hot sauce Outerbridge’s Royal Rum sauce Green from

Locally a splash is added to bermuda fish chowder to give it a warming, spicy piquancy. A medium hot, very special sauce with a smoky taste of sherry, thyme and chili peppers. 4 tbsp outerbridge’s original sherry peppers sauce ground pepper to taste.

Heat Level = 6 Size:

In a large pot put water fish fillets, salt, and spices. A chefs in america awards foundation gold medal winner, this is our flagship product and the cornerstone of all our sauces; Sherry wine, peppers, and spices.

Each Local Family Has Their Own Secret Recipe, However It Is Customarily Made With Grouper, Snapper, Cod Or Sea Bass (Tails, Bodies And Heads Are Used), Meat Stock, Root Vegetables, Gosling’s Black Seal Rum And Bermuda’s Own Outerbridge’s Original Sherry Pepper Sauce.

Molasses 1 ½ cups of reserved tomato juice 1.5 lbs. Outerbridge’s devilishly hot sherry peppers sauce is an island favorite. Original louisiana hot sauce is made with fermented peppers.

1/2 Cup Pequin Chiles Or Other Chiles Small Enough To Fit Through The Bottle Mouth;

They ferment their peppers in oak barrels for up to 3 years before mixing the resulting mash with vinegar and salt. A very long aftertaste of sherry and herbs. In a frying pan melt butter and oil and sauté onions, celery, garlic, and green peppers.

Add Tomatoes And Consommé And Simmer For 30 Minutes.

1 750 ml bottle dry or sweet sherry; I've been addicted to outerbridge's sherry peppers sauce every since the famous ny mag article back in the 70s, but no nyc store seems to carry it any more. Outerbridge's devilishly hot sherry pepper sauce, 5 fl oz.

Remove 1/2 Cup Of The Sherry And Save For Another Use.

Combine peppers and sherry in a clean sterilized jar and let sit for several weeks. Choose items to buy together. Adds zest to scrambled eggs, shellfish, sauces, salad dressings, spaghetti sauce, soups, bouillabaisse, martinis and bloody marys to name a few.

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