Pashofa Recipe

Pashofa Recipe


Pashofa Recipe. In the old days, no chickasaw social event was complete without pots of hearty pashofa cooking outdoors. The dish is one of the most important to the chickasaw people and has been served at.

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Cook over low heat, stirring often to prevent sticking. Corn has long been a staple of the chickasaw diet. For more healthy eating tips from the chickasaw nation, visit

Pashofa Is Served At All Types Of Social Gatherings, From Weddings To Funeral Receptions And Is Also Believed To Have Healing Properties.

The mixture should be soupy. This particular video focuses on the preparation of pashofa, a traditional choctaw and chickasaw dish of hominy and pork. Cook until meat and corn are tender and soft.

The Hominy Corn Can Be Soaked And Cleaned Overnight Or Can Be Covered With Hot Water To Remove The Husks.

Pashofa is also used in specific healing ceremonies. Pashofa, or pishofa, is a chickasaw and choctaw indian soupy dish made from cracked white corn, also known as pearl hominy. Add corn and let the fire burn slowly all around the pot.

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Pashofa was always prepared at the dance which was held as a sacred ritual ceremony in recognition and respect of the sick. Here, listen to sam johnson speak chickasaw and explain how he taught himself the timeless recipe by following the example set by church elders. Fresh lean pork wash and clean corn.

Pashofa Is A Chickasaw And Choctaw Indian Soupy Dish Made From Cracked White Cracked Corn, Also Known As Pearl Hominy.

It can be cooked together. Heat olive oil in the pot. After 40 minutes, remove from the pot and allow banaha to drain.

Nan Stokes Requested A Recipe For An Indian Dish Called Pashofa.

Corn has long been a staple of the chickasaw diet. After draining and removal of debris, the hominy is once again covered with water, salt is added, and the pashofa is cooked over a. Wash your hominy before cooking.

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