Pf Chang's Key Lime Pie Martini Recipe

Pf Chang's Key Lime Pie Martini Recipe

Pf Chang's Key Lime Pie Martini Recipe. Spread the graham cracker crumbs onto a small, shallow plate. Chang's vegetarian lettuce wraps :

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Add whipped cream in the shaker, just ring the inside about 3 times quickly. The bartender wouldn't give me the recipe. 1 1/4 ounce of stoli vanilla 1/4 ounce sour mix 1/4 ounce margarita mix dash of roses lime juice enough whipped cream to change the consistancy of the drink shake over ice and strain careful not to overdo it on the lime juice as it can really over power the drink.

Moisten The Rims Of 2 Martini Glasses With The Lime Wedges;

Dip the moistened glasses into the graham cracker crumbs and set aside. Strain the mixture into the prepared glasses, dividing it evenly. Prepare martini glasses by rubbing rims with a slice of lime then dipping into graham cracker crumbs.

1.5 Oz Licor 43 1 Oz Key Lime Juice Squirt Of Simple Syrup 1 Oz Of Half And Half Throw It All In A Shaker With Ice.

In a cocktail shaker, pour the vodka, triple sec, pineapple juice, and lime cordial. Add the gin, orange liqueur, lime juice and sugar. Simple syrup, lime juice, key lime, graham cracker crumbs, sugar and 1 more frankenstein's key lime pie martini paleomg pineapple juice, coconut milk, vanilla extract, pie crust, vodka and 6 more

Fill The Glass With Ice, Then Add Citrus Rum, A Splash Of Pineapple Juice, And Fill The Glass The Rest Of The Way Up With Club Soda.

Put enough ice cubes into a cocktail shaker to be about 3/4 full. Plus, daily’s key lime pie martini recipe is easier to make than a key lime pie. The key lime pie martini is easy to make and you can improve it with a little attention to each of the ingredients.

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Im not sure what their recipe calls for but ive had many compliments on a key lime martini that goes like this: Changs key lime pie martini : I had one and it was great.

The Bartender Wouldn't Give Me The Recipe.

Combine heavy cream, vodka, and key lime juice in a large cocktail shaker. Rim the glass with lime juice and dip in graham cracker crumbs. The blend of coconut rum and vanilla vodka along with pineapple, lime and cream tastes like key lime pie in a glass.

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