Pori Recipe In Tamil

Pori Recipe In Tamil


Pori Recipe In Tamil. For half cup of jaggery i could make 14 balls, and the measurement of puffed rice is approximate and please add accordingly. Firstly add 3 cups pori and then add more only if there is too much of syrup.

Kaara pori recipe in Tamil Flavored Pori Spicy puffed
Kaara pori recipe in Tamil Flavored Pori Spicy puffed from

At this stage, switch off the flame, add the puffed rice to it and mix well. 15 mins | cooking time : Side dish | recipe cuisine :

15 Mins | Cooking Time :

Puffed rice mixed with jaggery syrup along with cardamom and coconut pieces, is a wonderful sweet dish. We usually make pori urundai using nel pori or aval pori. Side dish | recipe cuisine :

Add The Roasted Sesame Seeds To It.

Add the boiled peanuts, chopped onion, tomato, raw mango, cucumber, carrot, red chili powder, lemon juice and salt. Add the elaichi and ginger powder to the pori and keep in a wide plate. How to make pori urundai recipe.

Tamil Nadu Style Pori Urundai Recipe.

Aval pori and nel pori are the two traditional neivedhyam dishes prepared on the auspicious occasion of thirukarthigai/karthigaideepam. Dry roast sesame seeds in a kadai till it crackles. Heat a heavy bottomed vessel and add water and the jaggery.

Roast Coconut Pieces Till It Turns Golden In Color.

This will make the process super simple. Let it melt and keep mixing it till it reaches the soft ball consistency or ketti kambi padham as. First grate/powder the jaggery, powder the cardamom and keep them ready.

Pori Recipe / Puffed Rice / Murmura Recipe Is Simple And Quick Healthy Snacks Recipe Which Can Be Made At Home Easily.

Recipe of karthigai pori urundai in tamil with full video and step by step instructions. As wiki says, puffed rice is prepared by heating rice kernels under high pressure in the presence of steam. In a wide bowl add the puffed rice | pori.

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