Pseudo Lager Recipe

Pseudo Lager Recipe


Pseudo Lager Recipe. The kettle was almost full, but lautering continued—slowly—off to the side. We knew there were juniper branches in the bottom of that mash tun, and we saw more piled in a trailer out front.

Pseudo Lager American Blonde Ale Black Bridge Brewery
Pseudo Lager American Blonde Ale Black Bridge Brewery from

In your mash vessel, bring 6 gallons of water to 130°f, add grain for a target temperature of 125°f, and leave for 15 minutes. International pale lager boil time: Once the hot break hits use some kettle defoamer.

After The Boil, Chill The Wort To Slightly Below Fermentation Temperature, About 66°F (18.9C).

The easiest way to create a pseudo lager on the homebrew scale would be to follow this tried and true method set up long ago for us. While stirring, add up to 2 gallons of boiling water until reaching target mash temperature of 147°f. I might try that one on another batch of the same recipe and compare results too.

Munich Helles (4A) Boil Size:

Bring 2 gallons of water to boiling in a smaller vessel. Bottle or keg the beer and carbonate to approximately 2.25 volumes of co2. Once the hot break hits use some kettle defoamer.

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With this beer i did 100% pilsner with saaz. 6.5 gallon (s) boil time: 90 min boil and boil hard;

22 Liters (Ending Kettle Volume) Boil Size:

If you pitch your yeast at lager rates, you get closer to a lager flavor. Add lime zest and salt during whirlpool. 23 liters (fermentor volume) boil size:

This Homebrew Recipe Uses The Following Ingredients:

At its heart was a steaming, bubbling kettle of magic potion, directly heated by a log fire. My recipe is an all grain lager recipe i built myself, featuring pils malt, german noble hops etc., which i normally ferment with w34/70 german lager yeast. Whatever you choose, make a big starter.

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