Spam Kelaguen Recipe

Spam Kelaguen Recipe

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Spam Kelaguen Recipe. Coconut is used much of the time for that richer flavor, though it is optional other than when making shrimp kelaguen. Shrimp kelaguen is a chamorro recipe that is similar to ceviche.

the mixed stew Thursday’s Side Dish Spam Kelaguen
the mixed stew Thursday’s Side Dish Spam Kelaguen from

Often times it is made with grated coconut or coconut milk as well. This is a spicy (hot) chicken dish from guam. On the side, you get 4 pieces of fried corn tortillas.

Add Onions And/Or Green Onions.

Sprinkle chicken with salt and place pieces on a broiler pan. Micronesian kelaguen is a ceviche like dish that is made with raw fish, shrimp, bbq chicken, beef and even spam. Be careful with the hot peppers!

The Fish, Shrimp And Or Beef Is Cooked With The Acid Of The Lemon Juice.

Add the soy/lemon/hot pepper to taste. Add salt and hot pepper to taste. You will likely find this as a dish made for the home.

Squeeze The Juice From Of The Lemons.

True story in beef kelaguen less is more all you need is 2lbs of flank steak, 1 1/2 cup lemmon juice, 2 teaspoons of salt and fresh pepper. Drain and run cold water over the rice until it is lukewarm. Bottled lemon juice will work also but fresh is best.

Thinly Slice Lean Beef (Flank Steak Works Well), Add Soy Sauce (I Usually Use Salt Instead Of Soy Sauce, But Soy Works As Well) And Lemon Juice (Kelaguen Is Normally Made With Lemon Or Lime Juice), Thinly Sliced Onions, And Hot Pepper.

She ended up wasting 4lbs of flank steak that she ended up cooking and feeding her moms dog with. Add grated fresh coconut to chicken or shrimp in small amounts until a flavor balance is reached. Shrimp kelaguen is a chamorro recipe that is similar to ceviche.

This Was A Refreshing Starter At Jamaican Grill!

Add the juice a small quantity at a time to the spam and onion mixture. They are delicious chesa on their own, or can be used like a chip to scoop up kelaguen. But, we also “kelaguen” spam, of course and imitation crab.

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