Vodquila Recipes

Vodquila Recipes


Vodquila Recipes. Cranberry juice, triple sec, champagne, lime wedge. Since you have enjoyed so many of our mixologist's recipes, we decided to post more.

VodquilaMixing It Up Blog Mixing It Up Blog Cocktail
VodquilaMixing It Up Blog Mixing It Up Blog Cocktail from

Squeeze lime and stir it well. Sangria vodka margarita the chic site. It’s the perfect blend of smooth vodka for your refined side combined with just the right amount of tequila naughtiness to fuel your wild side.

Vodquila Is Every Party Animal's Dream (Or Worst Nightmare) Come True.

You demanded it, you got it! Rock glass, fill with ice, pour vodquila on the ice, squeeze lime and stir. 1.5 oz vodquila 4 oz cranberry juice splash of champagne splash of triple sec now let's get in the zone!

It’s The Perfect Blend Of Smooth Vodka For Your Refined Side Combined With Just The Right Amount Of Tequila Naughtiness To Fuel Your Wild Side.

It’s another spirit mashup that i’m unclear who’s been clamoring for: There’s nothing surprising in the construction here: Vodka, lime juice, agave syrup, ice, orange liqueur, lime juice and 25 more.

2 Oz Vodquila, Ice, Lime Wedge.

In a mixing glass or cocktail shaker, add the ice, vodquila, orange liqueur, apricot nectar and vanilla extract. 2 shots of vodquila 3/4 shots of lime juice 1/4 shots of sugar syrup 2 dashes of old fashioned bitters top up with ginger beer combine all ingredients into the shaker with ice. If you have made either of those popular mixed drinks, then you'll have no problem here.

Tequila, Sweet And Sour Mix, Lemon Slice, Rum, Vodka, Cola, Triple Sec And 1 More Long Island Iced Tea The Slow Roasted Italian Gin, Lemon Juice, Ice, Triple Sec, Cola, Tequila, White Rum, Simple Syrup And 1 More

Aug 27, 2021 · vodquila mixing it up blog category drinks page 4. Cranberry juice, triple sec, champagne, lime wedge. 2 oz vodquila, ice, lime wedge.

Tequila, Strawberries, Oranges, Coarse Salt, Vodka, Ice, Lime And 1 More.

The primary ingredients include vodka, 6 times distilled and made from multiple grains and tequila made from the agave plant. Check out these classic mixes from on the rocks to bloody mary's: Vodquila mixing it up blog category drinks page 4 red eye louies vodquila b 21 fine wine spirits vodquila 70 cl vodquila 50ml each.

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