Walnut Halwa Recipe

Walnut Halwa Recipe

Walnut Halwa Recipe. [/tab] [tab] serve after meal or with tea all is great. Watch the video to learn the recipe!

Akhrot Ka Sheera/Halwa Recipe by Archana's Kitchen
Akhrot Ka Sheera/Halwa Recipe by Archana's Kitchen from

Try walnut halwa (akhrot ka halwa) at home today. Open the pot and coarsely mash the figs with a potato masher or wooden spatula. Make them into a coarse paste.

Once Roasted, Add The Milk To The Walnuts And While Adding Milk Mixture, Keep Stirring The Walnut Halwa.

Cut through the scored lines and transfer to serving plate. Add walnuts paste and cook it on low flame for some time. Add the walnuts, pistachios, ghee, and cardamom and stir together.

When It Becomes Totally Dry And Starts Sticking To The Cooking Spoon Add Walnuts.

Firstly, in a pan dry roast 1 cup walnut on low flame. Now take a pan and heat ghee in it. Serve warm garnished with walnut kernels.

Though The After Taste Of Walnut Is Felt, It Surely Is A Rich Halwa.

[/tab] [tab] serve after meal or with tea all is great. Wonderful dessert for any occasions and festivals. While exploring the variety of halwa, we came across a recipe that left a strong impression on our mind and palate.

Blend Them To Make A Coarse Powder And Set Aside.

Bring it to a boil and turn off the flame. Spread walnuts in a microwave safe plate and toast about a minute in high power. In chopper,add walnuts and coarsely chop them & set aside.

Heat The Oil In Pan And Add Cardamom Powder.fry For Few Seconds Now Add Milk Powder And Fry It On Low Heat Until It Turn Into Golden.

Press with the back of a metal spoon. Add sugar and cardamom powder,mix well and cook until sugar is dissolved. Measure one cup of walnuts and place them in a small mixie jar or blender jar.

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